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What’s Happening this week in the Okanagan! July 27 – August 2, 2020

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Thursday, July 30 – Canada’s Drag Race Viewing, hosted by Sparkle and Friends of Dorothy Lounge ~ Kelowna

The grandest of all – Canada’s Drag Race – is here! and what’s better than enjoying at the Okanagan’s first LGBT2Q+ lounge. #Pride
Join us every Thursday at 7:30pm for a very special viewing of the show hosted by the ravishing Sparkle.
The race to the crown is going to be – Hot. Feisty. And Delicious with our 12 Drag Race inspired bites named after the 12 contestants. #YummyinMyTummy

Featuring one complimentary Drag Race inspired bite from the menu every Thursday night during the viewing. And 6 bites for $15.
And it gets better. Our “Canadian” pizza named after one of the judges, Brooke Lynn Hytes, will be at a special price too.⠀⠀⠀
Call us at (236) 420-4565 to make a reservation.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/580167469308787/

Sunday, August 2 – Drag Brunch, hosted by Friends of Dorothy Lounge ~ Kelowna

Get ready for a #SundayFunday. The drag is here!

Come out and see a show at Friends of Dorothy Drag Brunch (by reservation only). Seating begins at 11am followed by the performance at 12pm.

Tickets are $30 per person and include:
One mimosa or one Caesar AND an item from our brunch menu

CALL TO RESERVE! For more info go to: https://www.fodlounge.com/

Sunday, August 2 – QueeReads, presented by Unicorns.live, hosted by Friends of Dorothy Lounge ~ Kelowna

QueeReads, your portal to LGBTQ2+ storytime for adults, featuring novella-length fiction reads ranging from QueeRomance to Queer Sci-Fi and Fantasy, read aloud by beautifully talented Queer people from the Okanagan. This is the final episode of this particular book.

“It’s a classic fairytale: Knight meets necromancer. They argue. They fight. They…make out?” Join us for a six-evening series of the “The Knight and the Necromancer – Book One: The Capital” By: A.H. Lee, read aloud by Shannon Lester, local artist and Drag Queen extraordinaire, live from Friends of Dorothy Lounge.

The reading will be available via Live Stream at Unicorns.live or head to Friends of Dorothy to watch it live and in-person. Contact Friends of Dorothy to reserve a table.

There is no cost to enjoy this live reading! If you enjoy the book, a positive Amazon review is appreciated.

QueeReads is sponsored by Leigh Jarrett, local author of LGBTQ Romantic Fiction.

Author: Taysha Jarrett

Taysha Jarrett is the Community Engagement Advisor for Rebellious Unicorns and the Copy Editor for Kelowna.LGBT