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What’s Happening (Online) this week in the Okanagan! Nov 30 – Dec 6, 2020

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Monday, November 30 – Basically Ella – Contour to Blush, 12:30 pm, hosted by Unicorns.LIVE and presented by Ella Lamoureux ~ Online

Contour is everything — ask any queen worth her salt! Let Ella teach you how to accentuate the positive through perfect application and contouring of blush, making you a mistress or master of disguise by magically shaping and sculpting your beautiful features.

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Watch the livestream on Unicorns.LIVE

Tuesday, December 1 – Gender Identity Group ~ Online

This is a positive, safe, inclusive, supportive space for, gender non-conforming, non-binary, transsexual, transgender, gender queer inter-sexed or questioning (or any variation there of under the rainbow spectrum) people living in or near Kelowna or the Okanagan are to discuss matters and various topics while providing and obtaining peer support.

We meet every Tuesday from 6-8 via Discord.

For more information on this group meeting, please join the Gender Identity Group on Facebook.

Sunday, December 6 – QueeReads – Christmas Blues (Part 3 of 4), 7 pm – 8 pm, written by Leigh Jarrett, hosted by Unicorns.LIVE, supported by Friends of Dorothy Lounge, and sponsored by Leigh Jarrett, read by the lovely Dustin Dufault ~ Online

After Ryan lost his wife to cancer, leaving him with three kids to raise on his own, he never thought he’d find any kind of companionship ever again. Especially not with someone like Michael.

The last time Ryan saw his little brother’s annoying childhood friend, Michael, he’d been a geeky, pimply-faced thirteen-year-old. That was just before Michael and his family moved to New York.

There was an eight-year age difference between them, and being in college at the time, Ryan had never wanted to waste his breath talking to some immature teenage kid when he could be doing homework or making out with his girlfriend instead.

Sixteen years later, a chance meeting at a coffee shop in Denver changes both of their lives. Michael, recently divorced from his wife, has two kids of his own, and a thriving recording studio.

Michael is no longer the Mikey Ryan remembers.

Getting the whole brood together for a Thanksgiving crafting extravaganza, and their mutual love of the blues cements Ryan and Michael’s friendship into something neither one of them could have ever expected. Christmas is fast approaching.

How far will their newfound friendship take them?

Contemporary Bisexual Romance, rated R: Restricted – Suitable for viewers only 18 and older due to coarse language, sexual themes, mature content of a sexual nature, alcohol consumption.

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Watch the livestream on Unicorns.LIVE

Author: Taysha Jarrett

Taysha Jarrett is the Community Engagement Advisor for Rebellious Unicorns and the Copy Editor for Kelowna.LGBT