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The Unicorn Review – Voices Unheard

Show Review: Voices Unheard
Host: Dustyn Baulkham, Executive Producer
Interviewee: Jessica Samuels
Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental guidance suggested. May contain coarse language, mature content.

The Unicorn Review is an end of the year check in to highlight all the crazy new shows we got to do this year. Each episode will focus on a different series and our Executive Producer Dustyn Baulkham will interview the hosts of each show and get their reactions to some specific scenes from their show. Unicorns.LIVE was born during COVID as we need a place to bring creatives together safely since in person events were no longer an option.

This show is available on Unicorns.LIVE and on the Unicorns.LIVE Facebook Page.

Unicorns.LIVE is the home of 100% live streamed content focused arts and entertainment.

Created by Rebellious Unicorns Production Company, Unicorns.LIVE offers a platform for various types of entertainment by a diverse collection of creators. Unicorns.LIVE is committed to supporting our participating artists and creators; we run primarily on a subscriber format as well as a pay-per-view setup (on occasions), with a percentage of each payment earmarked for the artist. This ensures our artistic contributors are compensated for their work, without relying on ‘likes’ to quantify a payout. Content is protected on Unicorns.LIVE through securing the videos and requiring that the audience log in to view content.

Unicorns.LIVE is a safe space, with tons of room for creativity and expression but absolutely no room for hate. We hope you’ll enjoy our inclusive lineup of entertainment options, along with our approach to experiencing life and each live stream as it unfolds.

Unicorns.LIVE: Authentic. Unfiltered. Live.

Voices Unheard Speaks with Dustin Dufault #TBT

Throwback Thursday – Jessica Samuels speaks to Dustin Dufault about being two-spirit and what it’s like to be a drag artist.

Dustin originally hails from the Kaska First Nation in northern BC and southeastern Yukon. Dustin performs as Ella Lamoureux.

Watch the livestream of this interview on Unicorns.LIVE

Transgendered is Not a Word

What I learned hosting Voices Unheard

During my 20 years in media and communications, I have interviewed Hollywood stars, sport and music legends, and the newsmakers of the day. It is always exciting to meet them and talk about…well, the predictable things.

As an interviewer, you always try not to ask the typical questions but still, they knew, you knew, even the audience knew why they were there. They were famous, or notable, and had a story to tell that likely most knew a little bit about and were already eager to hear.

The thing is, I’ve always believed everyone has a story to tell, whether they are notable or not.

That’s why hosting Voices Unheard really spoke to me. Produced by Rebellious Unicorns and Unicorns Live, the weekly interview show brings to light the under-represented voices from across our community.

In the show’s first season, we discussed race, gender, diverse abilities, LGBT2Q+, ageism, and body positivity. And true to the show’s name, we heard from voices that we typically do not hear – everyday people, but they were so much more than ‘everyday.’ 

I felt privileged to hear folks share their stories. As I listened to each one, I recognized a level of resilience within that person that, to me, was enviable. Each individual was facing and managing societal injustices that today too many can identify with. Above all, they were doing it with grace.

They may not have been leading a movement or a campaign. They may not have been the ‘first to’ or the ‘only to.’ But that’s why each of them is infinitely more interesting to me. Each is the champion of their story and what they can teach us is how to be a champion for ourselves.

It’s true; I also learned that Transgendered is not a word and that you don’t call a drag performer’s clothing a costume – to name two. But that’s the other great thing I learned as the host of Voices Unheard. Even if you step in it, as long as you come from a place of genuine openness and understanding, it’s okay.

The key is to learn from it and grow.

Watch Voices Unheard on Unicorns.LIVE

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Coming Up on Unicorns.LIVE

Next week’s events include QueeReads and QUSIC!

Wednesday, September 30 – QUSIC, 7 pm, featuring Mariya Stokes, hosted by Unicorns.LIVE, and Rebellious Unicorns and supported by Friends of Dorothy Lounge ~ Kelowna and Online

Mariya Stokes (she/her) grew up in Stavely, Alberta and by eight years old she was sneaking into her parents’ small-town bar on Friday afternoons to sing with the local jam band. She has pursued music ever since with a heavy focus on songwriting. Stokes was named the Country Music Alberta 2019 Female Artist of the Year. Her debut single, “Hands on My Body”, was released in February 2019, and is a simple, sexy anthem that blurs the lines between country and pop and was the #1 Most Active Indie at Canadian Radio the week of its release. Her follow-up single, “Christmas, Arizona,” was released in November 2019, and will be followed by her third single which will be released October 2nd 2020.

In 2019, Stokes opened for RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar Trixie Mattel and Canadian pop sweetheart Jocelyn Alice in Calgary, Alberta. She was selected to work with Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee Terri Clark at National Music Centre in Calgary, Alberta during her RBC Masters in Residence Program.

Actively involved in charitable endeavors, Mariya is an Artist in Residence for the Women’s Centre of Calgary (2020), and has worked with the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre writing original songs, poems, and stories that captured the essence of the community with clients of the organization. The result of the latter project was two albums, released in 2015 (“Shelter From the Storm”) and 2016 (“Verses Vs. Homelessness”, which features her song “Lucky”). She has also independently created and executed two coat drives for the Drop-In Centre.

To learn more, visit the Facebook Event Page

Watch the livestream on Unicorns.LIVE

Sunday, October 4 – QueeReads – Carousel (Part 1 of 2), 7 pm – 7:45 pm, hosted by Unicorns.LIVE, and supported by Friends of Dorothy Lounge and Author Leigh Jarrett, read by Cat Bonner, a lovely British lass ~ Kelowna and Online

When a child goes missing in Widdershins, ex-Pinkerton detective Griffin Flaherty fears sinister forces are at work in the town. Together, he and his lover Percival Endicott Whyborne must track down the child and put an end to a murderous plot, before any more young souls are lost.

The genre of this book is M/M Gay Mystery/Romance and the content is rated 18+  Suitable for viewers only 18 and older; those under 18 yrs of age must have parental consent. May contain coarse language, sexual themes, mature content of a sexual nature.

To find out more, visit the Facebook Event Page

Watch the livestream on Unicorns.LIVE

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Voices Unheard Vol 10 – Wilbur Turner: Instrumental in Fostering the Pride Movement in Kelowna

Tuesday, September 22 – Voices Unheard, 12 pm – 12:30 pm, featuring Wilbur Turner, presented by Rebellious Unicorns, Unicorns.LIVE, and Kelowna Pride Society, sponsored by Castanet, and hosted by Kanata Hotel & Conference Centre ~ Kelowna and Online

For the final episode in this season of Voices Unheard, we celebrate Kelowna Pride Week by delving into the city’s LGBT2Q+ history, and learning the story of a gay man who has been instrumental in fostering the Pride movement in this British Columbia community.

Wilbur Turner (he/him) grew up during the 60s and 70s in rural Alberta “in a time when gay wasn’t a word you heard.” His upbringing in a conservative Christian cult made it impossible for him to recognize his sexuality, and was eventually ostracized by several of his own family and the church when he finally came out after 18 years of marriage to a woman.

His coming out experience led him to volunteer work in the LGBT2Q+ community; after moving to Kelowna in 2011, he became heavily involved with Kelowna Pride. Wilbur was a key part of taking a small Pride March with a few dozen in attendance, to the festival with thousands in attendance in 2019.

To find out more, visit the Facebook Event Page

Watch the livestream on Unicorns.LIVE

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