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SashaTV Live – Paint a Fantasy Landscape

Sasha Zamolodchikova welcomes you to Season Two of SashaTV, now LIVE on Unicorns.LIVE! Each season of SashaTV LIVE will be devoted to specific topics and areas of interest; in this season’s episodes, SashaTV LIVE takes a deep-dive into her penchant for art with a live paint series entitled “Feeling Her Fantasy”. These fantasy art tutorials will draw inspiration from Sasha’s art and assist you in creating the reality you crave.

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Jan 11 – Ep.1: How to Paint a Fantasy Landscape.
Jan 25 – Ep.2: Paint a Fantasy Landscape: How to Paint a Unicorn.
Feb 8 – Ep.3: Paint a Fantasy Landscape: How to Paint a Dragon.
Feb 22 – Ep.4: Paint a Fantasy Landscape: How to Paint a Fairy.
Mar 8 – Ep.5: Paint a Fantasy Seascape: Water & Light.
Mar 22 – Ep.6: Paint a Fantasy Seascape: Coral & the Ocean Floor.
Apr 5 – Ep.7: Paint a Fantasy Seascape: Whales and Other Sea Creatures!
Apr 19 – Ep.8: Feeling Her Fantasy: How to Paint a Mermaid.

Basically Ella – Glitter Eyes

Your eyes are already beautiful; now, make them shine like diamonds! Dance floor, daytime, anytime — Glitter Eyes are dazzling. Ella teaches you proper technique for the most brilliant Glitter Eyes you can fathom.

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Basically Ella – Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic Makeup: the art of playing with colour by applying the shade to your eyes, lips and cheeks. It’s a dramatic, yet simple, way of creating a bold statement that is very on fleek. Ella’s tutorial will guide you through the process.

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Basically Ella – Cut Crease Eye

The Cut Crease Eye is often imitated, yet can fall short if you don’t follow the steps to the letter. It’s all about technique, technique, technique! Luckily, you’ve got Ella’s expertise to show you how to achieve this fierce and fabulous look for your peepers. 

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Basically Ella – Fantasy Makeup

Stars, nebulae, galaxies, and all things fantastical comprise this week’s lesson as Ella takes you on a magical journey with Fantasy Makeup! Learn how to create ethereal, bright, and star-studded looks that will have you bending space and time with just your smile! 

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