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BC Teen Wins Case to Go Ahead with Gender-Affirming Surgery

After a disapproving mother tried to stop him, a BC teen has been given the green light by the courts to go ahead with gender-affirming surgery.

A teenager in B.C. is free to move forward with his gender-affirming chest reconstruction surgery after a Supreme Court justice tossed his mother’s attempt to stop the procedure, finding she made “egregious misstatements” while fighting an issue that’s already been settled in court.

Lawyers for the teenager, who turns 18 this spring, said he was “relieved” to hear the justice had ruled in his favour.

“Our client is hopeful he can get on with his life … and get back to being a teenager,” read an emailed statement from lawyers Adrienne Smith and Claire Hunter on Monday.

Rhianna SchmunkCBC News

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(Image Credit: Maggie MacPherson/CBC)

Transgender Teen Receives Massive Support from the Community

After being violently assaulted by two girls in middle school, the community came out en masse in support of the transgender teen.

On Sunday, the line of cars, trucks, motorcycles and even horses stretched for kilometres as thousands of people showed their support for the victim while taking a stand against transphobia and bullying.

“We just can’t believe how many messages we’ve received from people just saying, ‘We’re behind you,’” said the victim’s mother, who CTV News is not identifying. “And to know that they’re supporting our child as well is amazing.”

Bill MiljureCTV News

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(Image Credit: CTV News)

Is SOGI 123 Failing in British Columbia?

It’s Time For An Audit!

The images of a schoolyard beating on January 11, 2021, of a transgender teen student outside of École Heritage Park Middle School, sit in stark contrast to pictures of the Mission School District’s SOGI 123 Salish Weaving project gifting a rainbow blanket “to value our relationship with Indigenous and LGBTQ communities by way of a Stó:lō Honouring Ceremony”.

SOGI 123 Weave Project credit Mission City Record

All sixty school districts in British Columbia participate in SOGI 123, now in its fourth year of being incorporated into education practices across the province. SOGI is the acronym for sexual orientation and gender identity. SOGI 123 provides teaching aids and guidance for educators and parents to create more inclusive and safe schools for students who identify as LGBTQ2S+.

The mother of the teen who was bullied and beaten by two female students while other students cheered them on, says her daughter identifies as a transgender and lesbian. The teen has faced repeated bullying and harassment at their school, sometimes contacting their mother asking permission to come home early. This despite the Mission School District having participated in SOGI 123 and with public anti-bullying policies in place. [See Anti: Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination Policy and a Sexual Minority (Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity) Anti-Homophobic Policy.] 

The initial reaction by Superintendent Angus Wilson, while calling the attack “hideous and horrendous”, was to blame it on COVID. This unfortunate statement was quickly walked back by the board of trustees promising their policies will be reviewed. Given this attack and reports that it is not an isolated incident with other LGBTQS+ students at the school reporting similar bullying, a review is seriously past due. These incidents of bullying also point out the futility of anti-bullying policies as a means of prevention. This was one of the reasons for the establishment of SOGI 123.

Several right-wing political activists created a flurry of campaigns to oppose the implementation of SOGI 123 in 2018 claiming it was an ideology. They began showing up to protest at school district meetings and one of the most outspoken opponents Laura Lynn Thompson even ran for a Burnaby School District position on a platform of SOGI 123 opposition which she lost. Since then SOGI 123 has scarcely been in the news.

This incident of bullying and victimization of a transgender teen in a school setting calls for SOGI 123 to be back in focus. How are schools, school boards, and parents failing those who face prejudice, bias, and hate when they have the tools and resources at their disposal for prevention? Are schools and boards participating in SOGI 123 simply to be seen as being compliant? It’s time for an audit.

(Image Credit: Abbotsford News)

Gender Non-Conforming French Canadians Find Ways to Express Their Identity

In a language where everything is gendered masculine or feminine, these French Canadians are navigating through roadblocks when it comes to expressing their gender identity.

MONTREAL — Gender nonconforming French-Canadians are finding ways to make their language more gender-neutral. They created the word ‘iel’ – a relatively common gender-neutral option to il (he) and elle (her).

But an added challenge is that French nouns are also gendered — for example, the sun is masculine and a chair is feminine.

Aimé Majeau Beauchamp is trans non-binary; meaning they are neither male nor female.

In English, their pronoun is they and in French, iel.

Beauchamp said it was easier for them to come out as non-binary in English.

Iman KassamCTV News

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(Image Credit: CTV News)

Getty Images Partners with GLAAD to Better Represent the Transgender Community in Their Images

Getty Images and GLAAD will work together to challenge harmful and cliched visual stereotypes through a set of guidelines.

“In the LGBTQ community, where many have faced discrimination and bias, it’s important to connect through imagery that feels real,” said Guy Merrill, Global Head of Art at Getty Images and iStock. “Trans people, by and large, simply don’t exist in the world of advertising and commercial imagery, and together, we’re seeking to thoughtfully fill that void. This partnership with GLAAD is a commitment to challenge stereotypes, tell stories that haven’t been told before and more specifically guide our customers to true inclusivity in imagery beyond Pride messaging and rainbows only one month of the year.”

Curve Magazine

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(Image Credit: Curve Magazine)

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