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BC Gay Man Beat Unconcious by Homophobes

British Columbia: A gay man was beaten unconscious by seven homophobes who recognised him from his local grocery store.

Shane Daum, 43, was attacked while camping at Crump Recreation Site in British Columbia, Canada. “(I’m) hurt beyond all meaning,” Daum said. “It’s hard enough coming out and trying to get accepted.”

He was surrounded by the group of people, who said they knew he was gay because they had seen him shopping with his former boyfriend.

“They were calling me a faggot, a paedophile, because my then-boyfriend was a younger [guy] but he looks way younger [than he actually is],” Daum told Global News.

Darrian Matassa-FungGlobal News

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Image Credit: (Screenshot: Global News)

group of emmy 2020 nominees

The 2020 Queer Emmy Nominations

“The nominees for the 72nd annual Emmy Awards were just announced this morning”, reported Pride.

After a record season of LGBTQ+ inclusion in television, many of the key categories included at least one or two queer (and adjacent) nominations! Considering how abysmal queer rep in mainstream media used to be in decades past, we couldn’t be happier to be TV fans now!!

Raffy Ermac – Pride

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(Image Credit: Pride)

vandalized wooden outbuilding

Graffiti targets Airdrie LGBTQ community for Third time in 2 months

Anti-LGBTQ vandalism hit Airdrie, Alberta for the third time in two months. The latest vandalism was painted on a farmer’s shed just south of the city without the owner’s permission.

Airdrie’s LGBTQ community was the target of hateful messaging for the third time in less than two months.

Saturday, a shed on the side of the QEII Highway on the southern outskirts of Airdrie was painted with “LGBT virus.”

Airdrie Pride Society’s Jordana Baker doesn’t think the location of the ersatz billboard is a coincidence.

Adam ToyGlobal News

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(Image Credit: Global News)

gay couple embracing

Couple Shaken Up After Homophobic Encounter at Orchard Park Mall

‘We’re not in the States; we’re not in some little hick town; we’re in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. And it still happens’

What started as a normal trip to the mall ended in tears for a West Kelowna couple.

While at Kelowna’s Orchard Park Shopping Centre on Wednesday, July 8, Razvon Bachmeier and his boyfriend Robert Boettcher were confronted with homophobic remarks and a police report.

Michael RodriguezKelowna Capital News

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(Image Credit: Razvon Bachmeier photo)