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Rainbow Women in Business – Volume 7

Smashing sexual shame and living outside the box. “All women are entitled to experience pleasure in whatever form aligns with them. Pleasure is their birthright,” says Chantel Porter, owner and operator of Wild Love Co., an online Pleasure and Sexuality Life Coaching company.

Working with women 1-on-1 or in group classes, Chantel educates women about how their bodies work, their anatomy, and how to experience sexual pleasure in a safe space. She assists her clients in navigating the negative messages women have learned about who they should be as “sexual beings”, teaching them to create healthy, happy, and fulfilling sexual and intimate relationships with their partners without shame.

Chantel previously worked for herself as an aesthetician for about 5 years. She had always known she wanted to be self-employed, so when she started delving more into self-education, it flowed—a natural progression to continue to work for herself—just in a different industry.

She chose to help women with their sexuality because she struggled for many years. She experienced a lot of trauma including sexual trauma as a child and teenager that negatively impacted the way she lived for many years.

When she began healing from the abuse, she found great clarity and happiness that she didn’t know she could have in her life. Chantel knew she needed to help other women find happiness as well. She knew she could help them more deeply because she had come through what they were dealing with.

“I am deeply passionate about helping women to find their self-love and empowerment,” says Chantel. “I get to see women transform right before my eyes, like watching a flower bloom but it’s a woman. It is the most amazing feeling to know that I can have such a massive positive impact in women’s lives, that someone like me who was so broken for so long, can guide other women to finding their happiness.”

Chantel’s advice for women wanting to start their own business.

“It can be terrifying to take a leap or a baby step, but if this thing is nagging at you, pulling you towards it, it is for a reason! Do it afraid! If you don’t try you will always live your life wondering “what if”. People may tell you all the reasons why it can’t, won’t or might fail, that’s okay, they aren’t you! They aren’t doing it, you are.”

You can reach Chantel by email: Chantelmporter@gmail.com

Get Ready To MX. It Up With Room to Roam!

Summer hasn’t exactly gotten off to the brilliant start we are used to here in the sunny Okanagan. However, it is summer and there are few things better during this time of year than getting together with friends in the evening to mix, mingle, and catch up. Rebellious Unicorns Production Company Inc. is pleased to announce that we’re bringing back the original MX. on Thursday, July 23, 2020! Well, maybe not exactly “The MX. OG”…read on!

We’re thrilled to invite you to join us at Dunnenzie’s Pizza Co. in the Lower Mission (4638 Lakeshore Rd) from 5:30-7:30 pm. We’ll be keeping it social and keeping it safe; physical distancing measures will be in place ‘MXing’ it up with creative ways for everyone to get a chance to meet and make new connections.

Rather than our usual “food station” set-up, Dunnenzie’s (our gracious Host Partner who is providing the snacks and a welcome beverage for all in attendance) will offer a variety of appy plates upon arrival; register, grab your food and a drink, and get mingling! 

Not familiar with The MX.? The MX. was created as an opportunity for the LGBT2Q+ community to network, gather, and socialize. This is also an opportunity to meet like minded people away from those lovely apps. Allies are encouraged to join; the more, the merrier! 

In addition to meeting super fab people, the MX. also fundraises for the Etcetera Youth Group and 100% of the entrance fee will be donated to them. Space is available on a first come first serve basis. Please register in advance so we can let Dunnenzie’s know how much food should be prepared for our guests. Suggested donation for admission is $10 (or $5 for students (19+) with valid student ID).

Dunnenzie’s will also be assisting us in our on-going fundraising efforts for Etcetera by creating a “Mystery Prize Table”. For $20 per ticket, you’ll have the chance to win…something fabulous! Or, something else. Dunnenzie’s generous suppliers and partner merchants will be providing the prizes–what the prizes may be is for us to know and for you to find out!

If you’re planning on joining us, we hope you’ll reach out to some of your friends and work colleagues and consider safe carpooling. Parking at this location can be challenging, and keep in mind that they will be open to the public as well. 

The MX. is presented by TD Bank, and proudly supported by Okanagan Young Professionals Collective, Sarah Sucloy Real Estate, Friends of Dorothy and EzTix.

We look forward to seeing you for our garden party at The MX. on Thursday, July 23, 2020 from 5:30-7:30pm at Dunnenzie’s in the Lower Mission. Questions? Please reach out to Kris Johnson, Manager of Logistics & Partnerships for Rebellious Unicorns Production Company Inc. by email kris@rebelliousunicorns.com

The MX. is held on the unceded, traditional territory of the syilx (Okanagan) people.

Best of Kelowna 2020

These are the winners from the LGBTQ2+ community!

Dunnezies Pizza Co.
~ Pizza – Gold
~ Music Venue – Bronze
~ Cheap Eats – Bronze

Freida Whales
~ Local Artist (Not Musician) – Silver

Friends of Dorothy Lounge
~ New Business – Silver
~ Night Life Venue – Bronze

Frock and Fellow
~ Women’s Apparel – Bronze

~ Small Business – Silver

Kelowna Actors Studio
~ Theatre Group – Gold
~ Arts Company or Organization – Gold

Kelowna Pride Festival
~ Festivals – Silver

Loyal Wooldridge
~ Local Elected Official – Silver

Nathan Flavel – Sotheby’s
~ Realtor – Gold

~ Ice Cream – Gold

QB Gelato
~ Frozen Yogurt – Silver
~ Gelato – Gold

~ Pet Services and Supplies – Bronze

If we have missed anyone, please let us know by emailing taysha@rebelliousunicorns.com

Rainbow Women in Business – Volume 6

Sherry Yeoman realized quite by accident that she wanted to be a landlord soon after she bought her first home 40 years ago. It started with a frantic phone call from a friend who was searching for accommodation for a mutual friend in dire need of a place to stay. Upon hearing this, Sherry quickly revamped her basement and her friend moved in the next day. She ended up renting from Sherry for over 6 months. After that positive experience, she has renovated every home she bought since then and added a suite to each one.

Sherry’s favourite thing about running her own business is being her own boss. In particular, taking houses that need her tender, loving care and her creativity to become the beautiful, renovated, well-maintained homes they were meant to be. Every home Sherry has offered for rent is a home she would be happy to live in.

Sherry’s advice on starting your own business. “When opening your own business be prepared to work long, hard hours and have enough money already saved to take you through the tough times.  If you are interested in being a landlord make sure you know the “Residential Tenancy Regulations” and talk to a landlord who has been in this profession for a few years because being a landlord is not as easy as many believe it to be.”

Okanagan Lifestyle Specialist

Sarah Sucloy is a REALTOR® with Royal LePage Kelowna, helping people buy and sell their homes throughout the Central Okanagan. Her mission statement is easy. She strives to offer reliable and trusted Real Estate Services while saving you time, money, and stress.

Real Estate has always been one of those careers in the back of Sarah’s mind. She originally thought she would become a police officer and studied Criminology in order to do so, but then opportunity came knocking—and the next thing she knew, Sarah and her wife, Amanda, were on a plane to London, England. It was there, while living in England, that Sarah’s real estate career took off.

Sarah ended up scoring a great job with London’s top Real Estate Firm (Foxtons) and flourished; being promoted three times within her first year plus winning awards, she realized this was it! This was her calling.

After moving back to Canada, Sarah knew Real Estate was the career she wanted to continue with.

Royal LePage Kelowna was the right fit for her and continues to be the greatest decision.

Sarah says, “Meeting new people and helping them throughout one of the largest transactions of their lives is absolutely thrilling as well as heartwarming. Becoming a part of that person’s story and sharing new experiences with them is very meaningful. I love it.”

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate business is still happening. People still need to buy or sell their homes. Technology has come such a long way and has allowed her to connect from the comfort of her own home where she is able to set up virtual tours and even host online open houses.

While on the road, amongst other precautions, Sarah’s car is stocked with gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes. She is taking all reasonable measures to protect everyone’s safety when viewing homes and doing deals.

The best way to support Sarah right now is through referrals and reaching out! Following her business page – Sarah Sucloy Real Estate on Facebook and Instagram are an added bonus. Sarah’s Royal LePage office can be found at 1890 Cooper Rd #1, Kelowna, BC

Sarah’s advice on starting your own business. “Do it! It is scary at first but if you believe in yourself, it will be worth it.”