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Film Festival – Gay Chorus: Deep South 2019

The Film Collaborative Director: David Charles Rodrigues ​ In response to a wave of discriminatory anti-LGBTQ laws in Southern US states and the divisive 2016 election, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus embarks on a tour of the American Deep South. Led by Conductor Dr. Tim Seelig and joined by The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, the tour brings a message of music, love and acceptance to communities and individuals confronting intolerance.

Over 300 singers traveled throughout the South, performing in churches, community centers and concert halls in hopes of uniting people. The journey challenges Tim and other Chorus members who fled the South to confront their own fears, pain and prejudices on a journey towards reconciliation, sometimes within their own families. What emerges is a vision of a more hopeful US, through the soaring power of music, humanity, and a little drag.



A Local Queen’s guide to enjoying the city

When you think of Kelowna a few world famous traits come to mind such as wine tours, fun in the sun, and orchards. But did you know that Kelowna is also home to some of the best LGBT2Q+ shows in the Province? With thanks to acts such as Sparkle, Kelowna residents and visitors alike are treated to fun, fervour, and ferociousness!

Sparkle has been bringing the Kelowna drag scene into life since 2012 when she was dared by a friend to enter Kelowna’s first annual drag competition. With a background in theatre and drama, it was a natural fit! Now referred to as the “Homer Simpson of Drag”, Sparkle is a renowned performer and host of our legendary Peak Pride event, happening every Spring here at Kelowna’s Big White Resort.

“Drag has always been important and it feels like now where the world is at it is more important than ever. Kelowna has such an accepting atmosphere so it feels very natural to have such a presence here and with drag so connected to sexuality, politics, gender, race, religion, and everything a human goes through, it’s a fantastic way to showcase our cultural diversity. It’s an active protest against injustice and intolerance in the world.  It shows great strength and confidence in ones being which can be really empowering. Like come on, if I can throw on a wig, heels and about 5 pounds of makeup to get on a stage at Sapphire for some outrageous tomfoolery, then what can’t I do?! ”

If you’re looking for a little insight into how a Kelowna Queen with a flair for adventure spends her leisure time, do read on. We asked Sparkle to share with us some of her favourite Kelowna pastimes:

  • Attending events such as Fruitcake, Peak Pride, Embodiment. Performing at these events is always a blast but the best part is looking out at all the hotties in the crowd. I may know for getting our DJ’s to remove their shirts – woof!
  • Packing a thermos full of hot chocolate (sometimes with a little Baileys – can you blame me) and heading down to the free ice skating rink in Stuart Park. Who doesn’t love a good reason to show off how adorable you are in your fav mitts and scarf? Don’t I look firece on skates?  This picture was taken just before I fell flat on my big padded a$$ (insert photo)

  • Experiencing some of the amazing restaurants like Raudz or Waterfront Wines. I love, love, love, the daily specials at Raudz so you can’t go wrong if you visit that spot on any day and be sure to enjoy the organic menu at Waterfront Wines now in their 14th year in biz! (insert photo) https://www.instagram.com/p/BYFHZ2BHqUN/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

  • Taking a fall stroll on the lake along the boardwalk and take in all the eye candy Kelowna has to offer!

Whether you are here for a visit, or are a long time resident, Kelowna’s team at Tourism Kelowna can always help you find the perfect local event for you and your fab friends to enjoy.
For a deeper look into Sparkle’s ongoing shenanigan’s check out her Facebook and Instagram profiles!