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Drag Queen Storytime in Kelowna Prompts Nationwide Battle

“Children’s event in Kelowna had record turnout, but sparked an ideological battle over the role of libraries.”

When Miss Freida Whales stepped into the Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) last September, she was not prepared for the crowd waiting for the inaugural Drag Queen Story Hour.
“I remember coming through the doors. I was wearing my blue wig with my unicorn pony dress,” Miss Whales, played by Tyson Cook, recalled. “We finished setting up and the crowd grew and grew.”
Despite the event’s success, when the ORL invited Cook to read stories to kids during its storytime hour, it provoked pushback from many Kelowna residents. Following the first DQSH, an ideological battle broke out between the library board, librarians, drag queens, politicians, and parents, forcing the community to reassess the role of libraries and where drag queens fit into such public spaces.

Tahiat Mahboob – CBC News

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(Image Credit: Freida Whales/Facebook)

Jill Karpick and Freida Whales Snag Dr. Bonnie Henry For Interview

Okanagan College’s Jill Karpick was instrumental in bringing the interview between Freida Whales and Dr. Bonny Henry to life.

A highlight of the summer for both Karpick and Whales was an interview with B.C.’s provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry. In the 6-minute segment, Whales dives into conversation with Henry, asking questions about drag-entertainment, her custom-made John Fluevog shoes, as well as Pride parades across the province.

“We may have to be physically distant for a while longer, but we can still be connected to each other,” Henry said in the interview. “I’ve been impressed with the imaginative things people have come up with [to stay connected].”

Public Affairs – Okanagan College – OC News

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(Image Credit: Freida Whales/Jill Karpick)

Storytime with Freida Whales

Book: Grecko the Gecko Starts School
Author: Andrew John Warden

Join Freida Whales for another bedtime story edition of story time.

Miss Whales will be reading a Grecko the Gecko Starts School and completing a craft!! Grecko the Gecko Starts School is by Kelowna based author Andrew John Warden and illustrated by Clint Baker. Andrew will be joining us to chat with Freida about his books and whats coming up.

This is a family-fun event to wind down the day.

A blend of ocean-themed puns, glamour, and camp, Freida Whales has been making a splash in the local drag scene for over three years. She is a true Okanagan Orca, having lived in Kelowna her entire life.

Miss Whales loves to create events for and perform to audiences of all ages. She has been a part of various drag story time events over the last three years, most notably two held in 2019 at the Kelowna Downtown Library, amassing audiences of up to 300 people.

proud to shine image

Celebrate B.C.’s LGBTQ shining stars with CBC British Columbia

Highlighting British Columbians who make a positive impact in the LGBTQ community

Welcome to Proud to Shine – a celebration of British Columbians who are making a difference in the LGBTQ community. 

We asked you to tell us about an LGBTQ person in B.C. who is doing big things in their community, and, wow, there are some real change-makers in this province. 

CBC Communications

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(Image Credit: CBC News)

TV Night with Freida Whales

Great night, packed house, fun games – what better way to celebrate the premiere of Canada’s Drag Race than with the Okanagans first ever drag race viewing party at Dunnenzies!!!

Freida Whales made a real splash hosting to the full house at Dunnenzies Downtown. The party started out with a personal message sent in from the stunning Anastarzia Anaquway, then dove right into the episode.

The whole house was fully immersed in the show, cheering on the queens and loving the judges’ Canadian puns. Conversations from tables were overheard tooting and booting the first batch of Northern queens. Due to the outrageous laughter, Jimbo’s performance seemed to be the “TV Night” crowd favourite.

Every week episodes will be followed by a different unique drag-related game, designed to be enjoyed by all levels of drag race fans. The winning table takes home a coveted special edition Freida Whales’s “TV Night Royalty” pin and Dunnenzies goodies. The first game up was a “Match Game” extravaganza, matching the quote to the queen and the challenge to the season. The crowd was having a gag-worthy time trying to guess the correct answers, and left the party keen to know what next week’s challenge would be.

Reservations are mandatory due to continuing health restrictions and limited seating.