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Rainbow Women in Business – Volume 8

natasha parnes and her wife

Growing up, Natasha Parnes suffered from seasonal affective disorder, a condition brought on by the lack of sunlight during the winter months. Natasha found tanning during those darker months extremely helpful for her. Then Natasha’s mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and they discovered indoor tanning to be beneficial in coping with her symptoms.

Natasha searched Kelowna for a reputable salon she and her mom could feel comfortable in and wasn’t satisfied with what she found, so they decided to open their own salon where they could make cleanliness and education on indoor tanning a priority.

Pro Tan + was started in January 2014 after Natasha and her mom completed the smart tan certification course.

Pro Tan offers 2 types of tanning systems, low pressure, and high pressure. Each system combines different ratios of UVB and UVA to produce different benefits according to their clients’ needs. They pride themselves in educating their customers and providing a clean safe environment to feel comfortable in.

Natasha says, “Being part of the LGBTQ2+ community myself, I, of course, welcome and invite everyone to be part of the Pro Tan family.

“The tanning industry over the years has gotten a bad rap but this is why education is key. I believe everything in moderation is a good motto to have in life. I believe indoor tanning has benefits that outweigh the risks when done in a controlled environment.”

Natasha states that some of the benefits include lowering blood pressure, increasing vitamin D, helping skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne as well as helping symptoms from depression and anxiety.

Natasha’s advice on opening your own business: “Do it!! You only live once! What’s the worst thing that can happen? Remember, nothing good in life comes easy so put in the hard work and get the great results!”

Pro Tan is located at 1791 Harvey Ave.

Due to COVID, please call ahead for an appointment 778-484-4460

Author: Kelowna Rainbow Women

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