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LGBT2Q+ Business Profile – Sweetnam’s Nik Naks

“Sweetnam’s – Your little bit of everything store!”

Sweetnam’s Nik Naks, located at 2067 Enterprise Way, is a fun collectible novelty style store with lots of nerdy movie and gaming gifts, like pop figures, dungeons and dragons, keychains, wallets, socks, toys, games, buttons, and seasonal décor, where they strive to create a safe place where everyone from all walks of life can relax and enjoy their personalized customer service.

Beginning their journey as a niche store, Sweetnam’s tried to provide for the needs of people, who like them, live on a tight budget, providing their customers the opportunity to buy simple birthday gifts, decorations, and unique items at affordable prices.

Originally located in Salmo, one of the owners, Josiah Sweetnam says, “My brother and I grew up with our parents owning the business since 2002. Then we moved the store to Barriere, BC. I have always liked the idea of owning a business and loved running lemonade stands when my brother and I were younger.

“Then 6 years ago, I wanted to move back to Kelowna, where I was born, and see what it was like to run a business in a bigger city, so my dad, brother, and I set up Sweetnam’s Nik Naks in Kelowna.”

Along the way, Sweetnam’s also got involved with some comic-cons, KFX, Penti-Con, KCC, and Northern Fancon, where they realized how much they loved being a part of the comic-con family.

In addition to running the store, Josiah loves cosplay and creating costumes for it. He has been sewing for a while and has taken some courses for it, plus he is a huge fantasy sci-fi fan and loves everything to do with fandoms.

Josiah only recently came out as gay and it has been a difficult struggle, especially when coming from a small community where it is not as openly accepted. He is fortunate to have the support of his dad, brother, gramma, a couple of close friends, and some of his comic-con family, but Josiah has been nervous about stepping out and letting others know. Thankfully, the LGBT2Q+ community here in Kelowna has quietly shown their support and kindness to him while he’s gone through this process and so they all feel that supporting the community back is their way of saying thank you and continuing to foster this compassionate understanding community that they’ve benefitted from.  

When asked what his favourite thing about running Sweetnam’s Nik Naks is, Josiah said, “It’s our store, so we can take the time to talk with people, listen, lift them up if needed, and be lifted up just the same. It is not simply about selling stuff.”

You can also find Sweetnam’s online at https://sweetnamsniknaks.com/

Author: Taysha Jarrett

Taysha Jarrett is the Community Engagement Advisor for Rebellious Unicorns and the Copy Editor for Kelowna.LGBT