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QueeReads: Lesbian Spooky Short Stories

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QueeReads: Lesbian Spooky Short Stories

QueeReads gets spooky with this collection of three lesbian short stories written by S.Derkins – just in time for Halloween! Collection includes “As the Crow Flies”, “Just a Nibble’, and “Swamp Tales” read by Jill Karpick.
Join the live stream at Unicorns.LIVE or join in-person at Friends of Dorothy Lounge at no charge.
Author Bio
S. Derkins is more known for her lesbian romances and sci-fi but she enjoys anything that captures the imagination of her Muse. She has little control of how a story is created. The Muse pokes her so she puts her fingers (both middle fingers, I’m a properly trained hunt and peck typist) on the keyboard and the story unfolds as the characters choose.
QueeReads is sponsored by Leigh Jarrett.

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