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First in Their Fields, These Trans People Made History

These transgender Canadians have broken down barriers and made history by becoming the first in their fields.

Canada is no stranger to the efforts and fights trans individuals have endured. Moreover, the True North has no shortage of incredible figures who have broken down barriers and put themselves on the map.

Best of all, they are the first to do it.

Osobe WaberiNarcity

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ness murby holding a canadian flag

Canadian Paralympian Comes Out as Transgender

Ness Murby, a Paralympian representing Canada comes out as transgender.

The Paralympian, who has competed nationally and internationally for three different countries — Australia, Japan and Canada — in three different sports — goalball, powerlifting and Para athletics — said he has been eyeing 2020 for a while as the year to talk more openly about his true self. For him, coming out this year is “meeting the moment” of our time and using his platform to “pay it forward” while acknowledging all of the people who came out before him.

Cyd ZeiglerSB Nation – Outsports

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First Women’s Pro-Hockey Transgender Player Speaks Out

Jessica Platt writes about what it has been like being the first transgender player in women’s pro-hockey.

In the book, Platt looks back on the seven years she spent away from hockey. She moved from Brights Grove to Waterloo, Ont. for university, but not before undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The physical changes that accompanied the therapy meant a significant loss in her athletic ability. 

“A lot of people think that to be a transgender woman playing sports you just simply have to identify as a woman,” Platt said. “But at the elite levels, you have to undergo medical intervention. And the lack of testosterone in your body definitely decreases your speed, your strength, pretty much everything. You have to get used to a new normal.”

Chris dela TorreCBC News

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(Image Credit: Carmen Groleau/ CBC)

Transgender Women Are Barred by World Rugby

Four women’s rugby powers, the United States, England, Canada and Australia, said they would ignore the ban when holding domestic competitions. New Zealand is expected to follow suit.

In a sport that had embraced athletes of different sizes, shapes, abilities and gender identities, McKenzie and other transgender ruggers felt blindsided in recent months when word spread that World Rugby planned to exclude transgender women from women’s teams at top international events, even though none yet are known to have played at the sport’s highest levels.


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Research On Transgender People and Sport

Vancouver Island University conducting a study entitled “Sex Segregation and the Participation of Transgender Adults in Recreational Sport”.

The study has been approved by the VIU’s Research Ethics Board. The purpose of the study is to: 1) determine how transgender adults’ participation in recreational sports in BC, Canada is informed by their experiences with the sex-based segregation structure in recreational sport; and 2) make recommendations for an enhanced and intentional transgender inclusive policy-related change in terms of the sex-based segregation structure in recreational sport in BC, Canada.

Contact: Tung Nguyen at sontung.nguyen@viu.ca