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‘Bisexual’ Has Come to Encompass Both Sex and Romance

Our society places a lot of importance on sex when it comes to sexual orientation.

Say the word “bi” and most people will assume you are using a diminutive of the word “bisexual” rather than referring to the word “biromantic”. Indeed, it is a not-uncommon belief that having a lower-than-normal, or non-existent, level of sexual attraction to others means you do not have feelings of romantic attraction. 

NatashCurve Magazine

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History of British Columbia

A detailed history of the province we call home

~ Sourced from Wikipedia

British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada. Originally politically constituted as a pair of British colonies, British Columbia joined the Canadian Confederation on July 20, 1871. Perhaps the most influential historian of British Columbia has been Margaret Ormsby; in British Columbia: A History (1958) she presented a structural model that has been adopted by numerous historians and teachers. Chad Reimer says, “in many aspects, it still has not been surpassed”. Ormsby posited a series of propositions that provided the dynamic to the history:

“the ongoing pull between maritime and continental forces; the opposition between a “closed”, hierarchical model of society represented by the Hudson’s Bay Company and colonial officials, and the “open”, egalitarian vision of English and Canadian settlers, and regional tensions between Vancouver Island and mainland, metropolitan Vancouver and the hinterland interior.”

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Celebrate B.C.’s LGBTQ shining stars with CBC British Columbia

Highlighting British Columbians who make a positive impact in the LGBTQ community

Welcome to Proud to Shine – a celebration of British Columbians who are making a difference in the LGBTQ community. 

We asked you to tell us about an LGBTQ person in B.C. who is doing big things in their community, and, wow, there are some real change-makers in this province. 

CBC Communications

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How Vancouver’s QTBIPOC artists are creating inclusive safe community spaces

As a Black, queer woman, DJ Softieshan knows first hand what it’s like navigating these intersections of identity within Vancouver’s mainstream nightlife scene.

“The spaces that I’m in can sometimes be spaces where I’m the only visible minority… In those circumstances, for me it’s important because the number of women of colour, let alone Black women, let alone queer people that take up space in the DJ nightlife music community is so small,” she tells Daily Hive in an interview.

Softieshan is, of course, speaking about life during a pre-COVID world, where she DJ’d at local venues like Fox Cabaret and Boxcar.

Simran SinghDaily Hive

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Do You Think the Rainbow Crosswalk Needs a Colour Revival?

The rainbow crosswalk downtown Kelowna at Lawrence and Pandosy is long overdue for re-painting.

To submit a service request for the crosswalk to be refreshed, follow the link to the City of Kelowna.

Once there, choose the drop down ‘Report/Request’ and click on ‘Crosswalk Maintenance’.

Let’s pressure the city to have our beloved crosswalk intersection ready for Pride in September!

Update: This city is ordering the colours and will do their best to have the crosswalk done by Pride Week!