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A Few Myths About Transgender Youth

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about transgender youth

I constantly hear people claim that most transgender youth will grow up to identify as cisgender. This claim is based on studies that followed young people who were referred to “gender clinics.” It turns out, the majority of kids in those studies never actually identified as transgender to begin with.

Many parents referred their children because they were concerned about their cisgender tomboy children, or their cisgender male children who liked feminine things like dolls. Because these kids didn’t identify as transgender to begin with, it’s not surprising that they did not identify as transgender later in life.

Jack Turban MDPsychology Today

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Petition Seeks to Eliminate Restrictions on Blood Donation

Petition seeks to eliminate restrictions on blood donations by gay men and transgender women.

New Democrat MP Randall Garrison of B.C. authorized the publication of the electronic petition on the website of the House of Commons.

The petition argues there is “no science” behind the three-month deferral.

Carlito PabloThe Georgia Straight

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Community Support Contributes to Lesbian and Bisexual Girls’ Health

New research from UBC’s school of nursing shows that supportive communities–and a progressive political climate–can help mitigate the effects of stigma on mental health.

The researchers combined data from the BC Adolescent Health Survey with an inventory of different LGBTQ events and youth supportive service in communities across B.C.

They found that the greater the LGBTQ youth supports in a community, the less likely sexual minority youth, particularly lesbian and bisexual girls, were to have suicidal thoughts or attempts, or to self-harm, compared to their counterparts in communities with fewer supportive events, groups and services.

New Medical Life Sciences

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How to Support an LGBTQ Athlete Coming Out on Your Team

Five coaches from across sports discussed how to handle the situation when an LGBTQ athlete comes out on your team.

How does a coach handle an athlete coming out as LGBTQ on their team?

It’s a question asked by coaches all the time. Many of them are concerned they will mishandle the moment, which could be an important step in their athlete’s life.

Cyd ZeiglerOutsports

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Rainbow Women in Business – Volume 7

Smashing sexual shame and living outside the box. “All women are entitled to experience pleasure in whatever form aligns with them. Pleasure is their birthright,” says Chantel Porter, owner and operator of Wild Love Co., an online Pleasure and Sexuality Life Coaching company.

Working with women 1-on-1 or in group classes, Chantel educates women about how their bodies work, their anatomy, and how to experience sexual pleasure in a safe space. She assists her clients in navigating the negative messages women have learned about who they should be as “sexual beings”, teaching them to create healthy, happy, and fulfilling sexual and intimate relationships with their partners without shame.

Chantel previously worked for herself as an aesthetician for about 5 years. She had always known she wanted to be self-employed, so when she started delving more into self-education, it flowed—a natural progression to continue to work for herself—just in a different industry.

She chose to help women with their sexuality because she struggled for many years. She experienced a lot of trauma including sexual trauma as a child and teenager that negatively impacted the way she lived for many years.

When she began healing from the abuse, she found great clarity and happiness that she didn’t know she could have in her life. Chantel knew she needed to help other women find happiness as well. She knew she could help them more deeply because she had come through what they were dealing with.

“I am deeply passionate about helping women to find their self-love and empowerment,” says Chantel. “I get to see women transform right before my eyes, like watching a flower bloom but it’s a woman. It is the most amazing feeling to know that I can have such a massive positive impact in women’s lives, that someone like me who was so broken for so long, can guide other women to finding their happiness.”

Chantel’s advice for women wanting to start their own business.

“It can be terrifying to take a leap or a baby step, but if this thing is nagging at you, pulling you towards it, it is for a reason! Do it afraid! If you don’t try you will always live your life wondering “what if”. People may tell you all the reasons why it can’t, won’t or might fail, that’s okay, they aren’t you! They aren’t doing it, you are.”

You can reach Chantel by email: Chantelmporter@gmail.com