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Resources for Transitioning and Changing ID in BC

What’s On Queer BC has compiled a list of resources for transitioning and changing your ID in BC.

Have you ever not gone to the doctor because you didn’t have identification? Or the information on your ID made you feel uncomfortable? 

This is the reality for many transgender people. Their name and/or gender marker doesn’t match their gender identity or their photo is significantly outdated; so, showing their ID not only makes them feel uncomfortable but it also outs them. If you are cisgender (you identify with the gender you were assigned at birth), you likely don’t have to think about your identification and maybe you don’t even realize how often identification is required. 

Emory OakleyWhat’s On Queer BC

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(Image Credit: What’s On Queer BC)

Salmon Arm Has Its Very First Pride Festival

2020 has been an uncertain year, but Salmon Arm brought some Pride to its community, having its very first Pride Festival.

That was the enthusiastic consensus on Friday afternoon, Oct. 16 from people attending the Salmon Arm Pride Project Arts & Awareness Festival, the first of its kind in the community.

“The display is impressive, very impressive, and it’s something that everyone should see,” was Patrick Ryley’s response to the exhibition at the Salmon Arm Art Gallery. Ryley has long been a proponent of equality and inclusion for gay folks.

Martha WickettSalmon Arm Observer

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(Image Credit: Martha Wickett – Salmon Arm Observer)

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What’s Happening this week in the Okanagan! Oct 19 – Oct 25, 2020

Monday, October 19 – A Sip With Sparkle – Halloween Hair-Raiser, 7 pm – 7:45 pm, hosted by Unicorns.LIVE, and supported by Friends of Dorothy Lounge and Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery ~ Kelowna and Online

Welp, the most wonderful time of the year is upon us: Gay Christmas (also known as Halloween)! Your sensationally spooky hostess, Sparkle, and the eerily evil Ella Lamoreaux, are set to make this the tastiest and spooktacular Halloween ever!

On this episode of A Sip With Sparkle, your favourite tarnished twosome will create a devilishly delicious black vodka potion called “Witches Brew”, while later terrorizing your taste buds in the most sinful way with a “Pumpkin Pie Whiskey Sour”. Miss this very special Halloween episode of A Sip With Sparkle at your own peril…(muaha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha)…coming up on Monday, October 19, 2020 live at 7:00 pm PST only on Unicorns.LIVE!

Want to see the tragedy unfold live? You can join the audience for A Sip With Sparkle by reserving your table (in groups of 4-6, within your social bubble) by calling Friends of Dorothy Lounge at 236.420.4565 or by emailing info@fodlounge.com. Friends of Dorothy Lounge continues to provide a safe, healthy environment for both staff and patrons.

To find out more, visit the Facebook Event Page

Watch the livestream on Unicorns.LIVE

Tuesday, October 20 – Gender Identity Group ~ Online

This is a positive, safe, inclusive, supportive space for, gender non-conforming, non-binary, transsexual, transgender, gender queer inter-sexed or questioning (or any variation there of under the rainbow spectrum) people living in or near Kelowna or the Okanagan are to discuss matters and various topics while providing and obtaining peer support.

We meet every Tuesday from 6-8 via Discord.

For more information on this group meeting, please join the Gender Identity Group on Facebook.

Tuesday, October 20 – HIM Yoga, 5:30 pm, hosted by Health Initiative for Men ~ Online

Come stretch those knots away and do Yoga with HIM online! Just get your Yoga mat and bottle of water ready!

This session is open to all GBT2Q men living across BC. This is an online event via Zoom App. To register, please follow the link below:


For more information, please e-mail register@checkhimout.ca. Attendance is free, or by donation.

Sunday, October 25 – Women’s Walking Group, 10:30 am – 12 pm, hosted by Kelowna Rainbow Women ~ Kelowna

This will be a bi-weekly walking group for women in Kelowna’s LGBTQ2+ community. This is a walk, not a hike on flat, even terrain.

This event is for all cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in the space that centres around the experiences of women.

For information regarding this event, please join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kelownarainbowwomen/

Sunday, October 25 – Drag Brunch, hosted by Friends of Dorothy Lounge ~ Kelowna

Get ready for a #SundayFunday. The drag is here!

Come out and see a show at Friends of Dorothy Drag Brunch (by reservation only). Seating begins at 11am followed by the performance at 12pm.

Tickets are $30 per person and include:
One mimosa or one Caesar AND an item from our brunch menu

CALL TO RESERVE! For more info go to: https://www.fodlounge.com/

Sunday, October 25 – Drag Queen Story Time with Miss Freida Whales, 12pm and 1pm, presented by Freida Whales, hosted by Harpur Farm and Pumpkin Patch

We are super excited to host Miss Freida Whales at the Pumpkin Patch for a story time and Pumpkin Picking!First storytime 12:00PM, second is 1:00PM

Maximum 50 people, children are $10 (includes a pumpkin!), guardians are free. Book your spot at https://www.harpurfarm.ca/pumpkin-patch-2020/

Sunday, October 25 – Movie Night, hosted by Friends of Dorothy Lounge ~ Kelowna

We have @mistress_sashaz hosting our final Movie Night on October 25th; Rocky Horror Picture Show. (*Costumes HIGHLY encouraged*) and our reigning KNDS Khalora Form herself hosting our Halloween weekend with appearances by Jenna Telz. For a safe and socially responsible Halloween, we’ve got you.

Call to reserve: 236-420-4565

Sunday, October 25 – TransParent Okanagan Meeting, hosted by TransParent Okanagan ~ Online

TransParent provides community consultation, advising and advocacy on issues related to families of trans youth. They also operate a peer support network, monthly meetings, guest speakers and a lending library of books, videos and other resources.

TransParent Okanagan meets regularly the third Sunday of every month. To find out more, check out their Facebook Page

Research On Transgender People and Sport

Vancouver Island University conducting a study entitled “Sex Segregation and the Participation of Transgender Adults in Recreational Sport”.

The study has been approved by the VIU’s Research Ethics Board. The purpose of the study is to: 1) determine how transgender adults’ participation in recreational sports in BC, Canada is informed by their experiences with the sex-based segregation structure in recreational sport; and 2) make recommendations for an enhanced and intentional transgender inclusive policy-related change in terms of the sex-based segregation structure in recreational sport in BC, Canada.

Contact: Tung Nguyen at sontung.nguyen@viu.ca

Confessions of an Enthusiastic Yet Reluctant TV Host

The host of Unicorns.LIVE’s QUSIC reflects on the journey thus far, and where he hopes the show will go…

Here we are — the middle of October 2020 already, and just about at the end of the first season of QUSIC. It’s safe to say that none of us expected this year to turn out the way it has; life in 2020 has really become synonymous with that old gem “rolling with the punches”. When I look back on what has been an extremely challenging year, I have to say that hosting QUSIC has certainly been one of the highlights. 

When QUSIC was first proposed, I was ecstatic. The opportunity to work with and promote the talents of LGBT2Q+ musicians was incredibly appealing, and hot off the heels of several very successful Peak Pride events I was basking in the after-glow of being surrounded by other queer folx as well as incredibly supportive allies. The overall concept of QUSIC is absolute genius: if you’re as yet unfamiliar with what the show is about, here are the historical details…  

QUSIC is a new LGBT2Q+ Artist Music Series, in which all presenting artists identify under the LGBT2Q+ spectrum. QUSIC celebrates the LGBT2Q+ community, which includes individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirit as well as a range of other gender and sexual identities. The show features solo performers, duos or group acts, provided that the majority of the band and the headlining artist identifies as LGBTQ2+. QUSIC has been streaming live on Unicorns.LIVE (watch.unicorns.live) every second Wednesday at 7:00 pm (PST) since May 27, 2020 with episodes available to subscribers to the streaming platform after they air. 

This, however, was not always the plan: enter COVID-19, stage right…

As is the case for all of us on Planet Earth 2020, the pandemic brought everything to a screeching halt. For us at Rebellious Unicorns Production Company Inc.  (aka, RUPC, the company behind QUSIC and Unicorns.LIVE) every project we were working on was disrupted, put on hold, or had to be reimagined. Luckily, we were able to make some tasty lemonade out of the rotten, shitty batch of lemons the Universe had just handed us.

“What now? What do we do? How do we make sure these artists are getting paid? How do we get their music out to the intended audience? What does the show even look like?” These were among myriad questions that dominated our conversations. QUSIC, which was meant to be a multi-city performance opportunity for LGBT2Q+ musicians, suddenly became something very different than how it was originally conceived. And yet, it was somehow perfect for the strange world we suddenly found ourselves in. 

To be honest, it took a bit of courage for me to outright ask for the hosting job. Despite how I may sometimes come across to people who watch the show, I don’t enjoy the spotlight. I’d rather be a facilitator in helping others tell their stories, putting the details together, or assisting others along the way during their journey to wherever they’re headed. Given the situation, I knew I had the chops for the gig — I started a career in broadcasting when I was just 19 years old. While I haven’t worked exclusively in this field, I’m blessed with the ability to connect and converse with others quite easily and enjoyably. 

One of my greatest joys as host of QUSIC has been connecting with the artists, getting to know them and their music, and becoming a fan of their work.

It has been an absolute privilege to interview every single one of our guests, and then sit back and listen/watch them express exactly what they need to in that moment. I’ve sometimes been brought to tears (happy or sad); listened to the stories of how they express themselves through song; learned about other sexual and gender identities; and I’ve been forced to examine the relationship with my own queerness. I’ve been given this incredible opportunity to become a part of these people’s stories, and their music has completely enriched my life. This I know unequivocally. 

And yet, a degree of frustration exists. I find myself becoming so angry with current musical content because everything sounds irritatingly familiar, like it’s all been done before. So much of what I hear or see in pop media has just become regurgitated and rebooted bullshit. I love a good remix or a solid cover, but for the love of all that is holy: where is the originality?Where are the new voices? Where are the stories that we can connect with and move us to think and feel and evolve? QUSIC — that’s where. It might not be the entire answer, but it’s certainly a major part of it. When I’ve had the privilege of watching those who have performed on QUSIC, I’ve quite often asked myself, “Why does the world not know more of you?”. 

Let me be clear: this is not a broad criticism of everything that becomes widely popular, and I’ve not calling for an all-out queer takeover of the music industry. But the time is nigh for queer artists producing original, musical content to have their moment. Not all stories that need to be told are straight, white, male, and cis-gender. I’m so incredibly passionate about what I do with QUSIC because, from what I’ve been exposed to thus far in my journey with QUSIC, there are many tales (IMHO) that more people in general should be listening to and learning from. Music is music is music. As humans, we have been gifted the ability to create this wondrous artform that allows us to express so many thoughts and feelings, at times even empowering disenfranchised groups in society to bring about change. And, sometimes, maybe that wondrous artform just allows us to enjoy love for the sake of love, or experience anguish because it hurts…because we are all human. 

We’ve come a long way since debuting this show in May 2020 during a pandemic. I’m so grateful to the team I work with to create this project, and I can’t wait to discover what we have in store for the next series. QUSIC, like life, is a work in progress. Moving forward, I’d really like to see this show become a true vehicle for emerging artists’ careers, a place where past guests feel they want to return to, and a platform that attracts established artists to share their stories and songs. I’ve already been so impressed with the calibre of talent we’ve hosted during Season One; I’d really like to see QUSIC become an entity that enters the conversation in the music world and in the larger community. Season One is winding down, but I hope the audiences, viewers, and the artists (the reason we do this in the first place) are ready to strap in alongside me for the musical rollercoaster ride that is yet to begin. 

QUSIC will air three more regular season episodes through mid-November on select Wednesdays at 7:00 pm (PST); on October 14, October 28, and November 18, 2020. A special Season Finale is in the works for December; stay tuned for details.

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