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Rebellious Unicorns Newsletter

MX. Virtual – Lunch & Learn

Hungry for some socializing? Thirsting for interaction? Us too! The MX. Online returns on Thursday, May 21 over the ‘Lunch Hour’ from 12-1pm with a focus on some of our community’s favourite LGBT2Q+ owned providers of food, beverage, and good times.

Join us for a virtual panel discussion, ‘Lunch & Learn’ style, featuring: Rudy Tomazic (Friends of Dorothy Lounge); Karen MacKenzie (DunnEnzies Pizza Co.); Kevin Bodja (QB Gelato; and Matt Bliskis (TNT Dynamite Gourmet Food Truck).

These dynamic and resilient owner-operators will bring you up to speed on how the pandemic has impacted their business, current state of operations and how you can access their services, what the future may hold, and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with our guests and have your questions answered during the moderated Q&A session to follow.

There is no charge to attend but we ask that you register in advance.
Please consider using the donate option to donate to Etcetera Youth Group.

Interview & Concert with Adam Kern
May 27  – 7:00pm

QUSIC is proud to present Adam Kern for an interview and live concert! Join us May 27 at 7:00pm for the live stream 🎶.

Adam Kern (he/him/his) AKA Fight or Flea is a Kelowna-based solo act bringing an aggressive edge to the singer-songwriter genre. Adam has been performing as Fight or Flea for three years and is working his way up in the Kelowna music scene. His influences include Pat the Bunny, AJJ, Dave Mathews, Just Nick, and Joel Cossette. You can find his new single “Getting Better” on all streaming services; follow him on Instagram.

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June is Pride Month y’all and you’re invited to a virtually fabulous session of Drag Bingo Online on Wednesday, June 3 at 7pm hosted from Friends of Dorothy and live-streamed on the Unicorns.LIVE Facebook page. Your host(esses) will guide you through a veritable wonderland of numbers and nonsense, replete with prizes and Pride!

We are looking for more prizes!
Please email Kris if you are interested in providing a prize!

Join us – Live!

When viewed through a technological lens, today’s world has become too polished, too perfect, and over-curated. But real life doesn’t have an ‘edit function’ or ‘photo filters’; real life happens, moment by moment…in real time. 

Unicorns.LIVE is a safe space, with tons of room for creativity and expression but absolutely no room for hate. We hope you’ll enjoy our inclusive lineup of entertainment options, along with our approach to experiencing life and each live stream as it unfolds. 

Unicorns.LIVE: Authentic. Unfiltered. Live.

This past Saturday was our second episode of A Sip With Sparkle – in celebration of National Caesar Day, it was all about Caesar.

Missed the live stream? You can still check out the rewatch! 

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Freida Whales is Swimming Up a Storm, West Coast Style

Freida Whales, a well-known Queen about town for her Drag Queen Storytime, a series of children’s events which won her Kelowna’s Daily Courier Newsmaker of the Year for 2019, is about to embark on her second appearance with her team on Virtual Drag Show: West Coast Canada.

Tyson Cook, Kelowna’s Freida first met Mina Mercury, the host, at a drag event in town a few years ago and kept in contact with the intention of someday working together.

Voila, Virtual Drag Show!

This fabulous whale of an ocean activist has loved working on this series of projects, having fun exploring more creative ways to make videos, getting into the scriptwriting, and experimenting with storyboarding.

When asked what she enjoyed the most, the Okanagan orca says, “I really enjoy being able to take a song and tell a story. This has made my storytelling even more in-depth.”

Don’t miss out! Watch Virtual Drag Show: West Coast Canada on May 18, 2020, by following this link. Special appearance by Jann Arden!! https://www.facebook.com/events/644145129769968/permalink/647059446145203/

To find out more about Freida Whales, check out her website https://www.freidawhales.com/

Self-Isolating in an Artist’s World

As a queer artist who identifies as gender non-binary, I sometimes find it difficult leaving the house. I personally feel comfortable in my male body but often identify moreso as a woman or sometimes genderless even.

As an individual who loves staying at home, there is nothing better than the feeling of having a fully stocked kitchen and a canvas ready to paint in the studio. No pressure to leave the house and plenty of activities planned at home.

I often wear a mix of male and female clothes when I’m at home (and in general). I’m a drag queen and it comes naturally to me. However, I sometimes feel anxious about going out because I have been harassed, physically attacked, and sexually assaulted while presenting as non-binary in Kelowna.

I am a strong individual, large and in charge, but sometimes I don’t feel safe or just don’t want to risk being harassed or gawked at. So, in a sense, these troubling times are old hat for me.

As an artist, I also know how to cook on a tight budget, make things last, and I’m always eager to get creative in the kitchen. So, anyway, I know not everyone is as well-equipped for self-isolating as I am so I thought I’d share my pro-tips on thriving during these challenging times.

1. Get creative! Draw. Paint. Play that guitar that sits in your corner. Develop a new skill or hobby. There are literally so many things you can do with your free time. You don’t need to be an artist to be creative. Sew/sing/anything!

2. Create a routine. Set small goals ie. Today I’m going to start one painting and finish it within at least 3 days. A few hours painting. A few hours doing chores. Practical things. Fun things. BALANCE is key.

3. Get out of the house. Even if it’s just for a walk down the street or a short bike ride. We all need fresh air and sunlight right now. Do it!

4. Exercise at home. Stretch. Do yoga. It all helps.

5. Write. And not just for FB. Write for yourself. Explore your inner worlds, your fears, your passions. Get to know yourself for the first time. Writing is so important trust me.

6. Call your friends and family. Reach out. Communicate. Connect. We all need it.

7. Think of how you’re going to improve your life when this is over. Make a plan, work towards that plan: you got this.

8. Ration your food and supplies. We are so used to being greedy and wasteful. Get creative in the kitchen and make things last. Do not waste.

9. Breath. Stay calm. Meditate. Lay on the floor for ten minutes a day and try to clear your mind.

10. Go easy on yourself. Our minds can be our biggest enemies. Practice self-love and self-care. Focus on your good qualities. If you don’t love yourself reach out to those that do. We are all in this together. Always.

Be sure to follow my social media for regular updates on my art, cooking, drag, and music. I’m sharing as much as possible right now so please enjoy.

Cheers and stay safe!

Insta: @shannonlesterart

FB: Shannon Lester Art
Sasha Zamolodchikova

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/serendipityweeps

Website: www.shannonlester.com

Contributor, Shannon Lester: Shannon Lester aka Sasha Zamolodchikova is a Kelowna-based visual artist, drag queen/entertaintrix, event producer, and teacher.