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Bold new Queer Arts Festival questions the mainstream

From the outset of pandemic lockdown, the Queer Arts Festival’s SD Holman decided that cancelling the event was not an option, and neither was laying off staff.

“I’m used to fighting. The whole queer community’s used to fighting,” the event’s artistic director tells the Straight. “If I had given up, it [the festival’s launch] wouldn’t have happened 12 years ago. And we’re nimble because of all that.”

The result is a 12th-annual multidisciplinary celebration that includes everything from streamed art tours and online performances to real-world art installations and a free zine.

The team flew into action to come up with a fest that could adhere to social-distancing measures in its own unique ways.

To read more, follow the link to The Georgia Straight

TV Night with Freida Whales

Great night, packed house, fun games – what better way to celebrate the premiere of Canada’s Drag Race than with the Okanagans first ever drag race viewing party at Dunnenzies!!!

Freida Whales made a real splash hosting to the full house at Dunnenzies Downtown. The party started out with a personal message sent in from the stunning Anastarzia Anaquway, then dove right into the episode.

The whole house was fully immersed in the show, cheering on the queens and loving the judges’ Canadian puns. Conversations from tables were overheard tooting and booting the first batch of Northern queens. Due to the outrageous laughter, Jimbo’s performance seemed to be the “TV Night” crowd favourite.

Every week episodes will be followed by a different unique drag-related game, designed to be enjoyed by all levels of drag race fans. The winning table takes home a coveted special edition Freida Whales’s “TV Night Royalty” pin and Dunnenzies goodies. The first game up was a “Match Game” extravaganza, matching the quote to the queen and the challenge to the season. The crowd was having a gag-worthy time trying to guess the correct answers, and left the party keen to know what next week’s challenge would be.

Reservations are mandatory due to continuing health restrictions and limited seating.

We Need Your Help

Fellow Unicorns,

In the over 2.5 years of Rebellious Unicorn’s existence, I cannot recall a time when I felt it necessary to personally write this letter to you. But with the current state of society, I feel it is time. Our industry (events) was destroyed overnight. It has been over 3 months since our company has had any real revenue and yet during this time we continue to pay our team. Recently we started Qusic.live but ticket sales don’t even cover the cost of the artists.

While there have been government programs available, our type of business does not qualify. Everyone we work with are contractors. This includes the talent that we hire, as well as our team. It’s the only way that makes sense to operate a business like this. Recently a program became available that we could potentially qualify for, however the funder has already said they don’t have enough resources to meet the demand.
It’s been a trying time for all of us with no real changes in the short term. Since we can only have gatherings of up to 50 people at a time, we have had to evolve with our operations and we need your help to continue doing what we do.

Unicorns.live is our new livestream platform. By subscribing you help us ensure that artists get paid by watching their content. 35% of all subscription fees are returned to the groups and artists involved in creating content. We have invested heavily in equipment and are continuing to invest to ensure a HIGH quality of production. iOS and Android apps are currently in production and will be ready by mid-July 2020 and once we have hit 500 subscribers, we will have the resources to add in Apple TV, Roku TV, Android TV, and Fire TV apps as well. Our platform has a flair of LGBT2Q+ content but it will not be exclusively Queer-focused.
We have always paid our artists and we do our best to pay them reasonable rates. With so many of us struggling right now without the ability to produce events, having a platform that actually pays artists is key to all of our ongoing success. If you have the capacity to subscribe to http://unicorns.live/…, we would greatly appreciate it.

Here is how the subscription works:
• Until June 30th (or until 100 people subscribe) we are offering a 30 day free trial. The monthly price is only $4.99+GST. This price is locked in for life and will NEVER be increased.
• Until July 31th (or until 200 people subscribe) we are offering a 14 day free trial. The monthly price will be $6.99+GST. Again, this price is locked in for life and will NEVER be increased. Both of these discounts will only be available via our website and not the mobile apps once they are live.
• Following this our free trial will be 7 days and the monthly rate will be $8.99+GST. We will also be offering annual pricing which will be equivalent to 10 months – get 2 months free! This will work on all pricing above.

Currently, we have 3 series on the platform: A Sip with Sparkle, QUSIC, and QueeReads. We are very excited to be working on a number of additional series and on events that will take place on http://unicorns.live/…. There are partnerships in discussion with various arts groups with the hope of elevating these groups.

We greatly appreciate the support you have offered us over the past 2.5+ years and we hope to see you again in person soon.

Dustyn Baulkham
Founder & Executive Producer
Rebellious Unicorns Production Company Inc.

Alongside Her – Pop-up Exhibition

In collaboration with Lake Country Public Art Gallery a pop-up exhibition is being hosted, featuring Maura Tamez, Ashleigh Giffen, and Hagar Wirba. You can catch the show until June 27th.

This pop-up was also made possible by the financial support from the Visual Arts Course Union UBCO Visual Arts Course Union

June 19-27 at the Lake Country Art Gallery

For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/laundryroomcollective/

Authentic. Unfiltered. Live.

When viewed through a technological lens, today’s world has become too polished, too perfect, and over-curated. But real life doesn’t have an ‘edit function’ or ‘photo filters’; real life happens, moment by moment…in real time. 

Introducing Unicorns.LIVE, the home of 100% live streamed content focused arts and entertainment. 

Created by Rebellious Unicorns Production Company, Unicorns.LIVE offers a platform for various types of entertainment by a diverse collection of creators. Unicorns.LIVE is committed to supporting our participating artists and creators; we run primarily on a subscriber format as well as a pay-per-view setup (on occasions), with a percentage of each payment earmarked for the artist. This ensures our artistic contributors are compensated for their work, without relying on ‘likes’ to quantify a payout. Content is protected on Unicorns.LIVE through securing the videos and requiring that the audience log in to view content. 

Unicorns.LIVE is a safe space, with tons of room for creativity and expression but absolutely no room for hate. We hope you’ll enjoy our inclusive lineup of entertainment options, along with our approach to experiencing life and each live stream as it unfolds. 

Unicorns.LIVE: Authentic. Unfiltered. Live.

Watch and register now: https://watch.unicorns.live/

Check out the current content. Sip with Sparkle, QUSIC, and QueeReads

FREE 30 trial for the month of June. After that First 100 registrants $4.99/mth + tax, the Second 100 registrants $6.99/mth + tax.

Regular price is $8.99/mth + tax

Buy a year in advance for $89.90 + tax (2 months free)