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What’s Happening this week in the Okanagan! June 15 – 21, 2020

Tuesday, June 16 – Women’s Coffee Group ~ Kelowna

If you identify as a woman within the LGBTQ2+ community, you are welcome here. This is NOT a group strictly for cis-females who identify as lesbians.

To find out more about this event, please join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kelownarainbowwomen/

Wednesday, June 17 – Wicked Wednesdays Karaoke, presented by Friends of Dorothy Lounge, hosted by Freida Whales ~ Kelowna

We’re ecstatic about the return of KARAOKE! Join us every second Wednesday starting June 17 (yes, it all starts again tomorrow😉) for Wicked Wednesday Karaoke. The magnificent @friedawhales hosts from 8:30–10:30 pm. Warm up your voice with a drink and get singing! 🍷🎙️🎤
Make your reservations now. Call us at (236) 420-4565.

For more info: https://www.facebook.com/fodloungekelowna/

Friday, June 19 and Saturday, June 20 – Drag personalities at Friends of Dorothy Lounge every Friday and Saturday night. ~ Kelowna

Sunday, June 21 – Drag Brunch, hosted by Friends of Dorothy Lounge ~ Kelowna

Get ready for a #SundayFunday. The drag is here!

Come out and see a show at Friends of Dorothy Drag Brunch (by reservation only). Seating begins at 11am followed by the performance at 12pm.

Tickets are $30 per person and include:
One mimosa or one Caesar AND an item from our brunch menu

CALL TO RESERVE! For more info go to: https://www.fodlounge.com/

Sunday, June 21 – QueeReads, presented by Unicorns.live ~ Kelowna

QueeReads, your portal to LGBTQ2+ storytime for adults, featuring novella-length fiction reads ranging from QueeRomance to Queer Sci-Fi and Fantasy, read aloud by beautifully talented Queer people from the Okanagan.

“It’s a classic fairytale: Knight meets necromancer. They argue. They fight. They…make out?” Join us for a six-evening series of the “The Knight and the Necromancer – Book One: The Capital” By: A.H. Lee, read aloud by Shannon Lester, local artist and Drag Queen extraordinaire, live from Friends of Dorothy Lounge.

The reading will be available via Live Stream at Unicorns.live or head to Friends of Dorothy to watch it live and in-person. Contact Friends of Dorothy to reserve a table.

There is no cost to enjoy this live reading! If you enjoy the book, a positive Amazon review is appreciated.

QueeReads is sponsored by Leigh Jarrett, local author of LGBTQ Romantic Fiction.

Kelowna.LGBT Newsletter – June 2020

Pride Month 2020

Pride Month is here! Kelowna Pride is scheduled to be held in the Fall, but in the meantime, June is here and we are pleased to announce some fabulous ways to celebrate!

Drag Brunch is back at Friends of Dorothy starting June 7th! June 9th is A Sip With Sparkle and onJune 10th there’s QUSIC with Teshawna SihataCelebrate Pride at Home with Fruit Loop on June 13 and check out the launch of QueeReads on June 14th. 

Read on for more details!


June 14 – July 19

“It’s a classic fairytale: Knight meets necromancer. They argue. They fight. They…make out?”

Starting June 14th, join us Sunday nights at 7:00pm for our first QueeReads series, featuring “Book One: The Capital” of the “The Knight and the Necromancer” series by A.H. Lee. This fantasy romance will be read aloud by Shannon Lester, local artist, and drag queen extraordinaire.

The reading will be available via Live Stream at Unicorns.LIVE or head to Friends of Dorothy to watch it live and in-person. Contact Friends of Dorothy to reserve.

QueeReads is sponsored by Leigh Jarrett, local author of LGBTQ Romantic Fiction.

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Drag Bunch Sunday
Sundays at 11:00am

Drag is back… and it’s back with a bang! Friends of Dorothy is kicking off Drag Brunch Sunday starting June 7th. Seating begins at 11am followed by the performance at 12pm.

Tickets are $30 per person and include: A Mimosa or A Caesar AND an item from the Brunch Menu

For deets or to make a reservation, call 236-420-4565.

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Fruit Loop – Pride at Home

June 13 – 8:00pm

As part of the annual Pride season, Fruit Loop has traditionally hosted an in-person celebration featuring a dynamic group of performers, outstanding community partners and an amazing audience. This year as we all adapt to a new landscape, we’ve had to find new ways to celebrate and highlight our diverse and resilient LGBTQ2S+ community.

Join on Saturday, June 13 from 8:00pm – 9:30pm for a live stream of an incredible cast of performers direct from The Starlite Room in downtown Edmonton! Sponsored by our friends at TD Bank, and in support of community partner E2S – Edmonton 2 Spirit Society

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Virtual Drag Bingo

June 30 – 7:00pm

You’re invited to a virtually fabulous session of Virtual Drag Bingo on June 30 at 7:00pm hosted from Friends of Dorothy and live-streamed on the Unicorns.LIVE Facebook page. Your host(esses) Sparkle & Ella L’Amoureux will guide you through a veritable wonderland of numbers and nonsense, replete with prizes and Pride!

You’ll have a chance to win wonderful prizes from Big WhiteAbsolutFrock & FellowFunktionalFreida WhalesKanata Hotel KelownaOlive & ElleFriends of Dorothy & more!

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The Lastest from the Blog

Rainbow Women in Business-Volume 5 Ivy Thomas has always felt a connection to God and was actively involved in her worshiping congregation. However, when she was in her early 40s, married with two children in their early teens, she felt a strong call to ministry.
New Queer Book Club in Town Brought to you by Donna (she/her) and Claire (they/them), Rainbow Reads Okanagan is a fun and inclusive book club to read and discuss queer books written by queer authors.
LGBTQ2+ Voices Loud, Proud and Live Set to music, this is a time-honoured method of telling stories about love, loss, life, and everything that happens along the way.  Music, like all art, is open to interpretation.

Staying Connected, Virtually.

Physical distancing doesn’t mean no connecting! As we continue to stay home as much as possible, there are more and more options coming available to stay connected. Click the button below to check out what’s going on, online!

Kelowna.LGBT offers a variety of valuable options for organizations and brands that are looking to reach Kelowna’s LGBTQ2+ community. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please email Taysha Jarrett at taysha@rebelliousunicorns.com.

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SD23 building

District Speaks on Pride, BLM

Central Okanagan Public Schools is speaking out on Pride Month and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The district is reminding communities that June is still a time to celebrate diverse sexual orientations and genders, despite the usual events not taking place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miriam HalpennyCastanet

To read more of this story, follow the link to Castanet

(Image Credit: Photo contributed to Castanet)

Authentic. Unfiltered. Live.

When viewed through a technological lens, today’s world has become too polished, too perfect, and over-curated. But real life doesn’t have an ‘edit function’ or ‘photo filters’; real life happens, moment by moment…in real time. 

Introducing Unicorns.LIVE, the home of 100% live streamed content focused arts and entertainment. 

Created by Rebellious Unicorns Production Company, Unicorns.LIVE offers a platform for various types of entertainment by a diverse collection of creators. Unicorns.LIVE is committed to supporting our participating artists and creators; we run primarily on a subscriber format as well as a pay-per-view setup (on occasions), with a percentage of each payment earmarked for the artist. This ensures our artistic contributors are compensated for their work, without relying on ‘likes’ to quantify a payout. Content is protected on Unicorns.LIVE through securing the videos and requiring that the audience log in to view content. 

Unicorns.LIVE is a safe space, with tons of room for creativity and expression but absolutely no room for hate. We hope you’ll enjoy our inclusive lineup of entertainment options, along with our approach to experiencing life and each live stream as it unfolds. 

Unicorns.LIVE: Authentic. Unfiltered. Live.

Watch and register now: https://watch.unicorns.live/

Check out the current content. Sip with Sparkle, QUSIC, and QueeReads

FREE 30 trial for the month of June. After that First 100 registrants $4.99/mth + tax, the Second 100 registrants $6.99/mth + tax.

Regular price is $8.99/mth + tax

Buy a year in advance for $89.90 + tax (2 months free)

Rainbow Women in Business – Volume 5

Ivy Thomas has always felt a connection to God and was actively involved in her worshiping congregation. However, when she was in her early 40s, married with two children in their early teens, and considering what she might do with the rest of her life, she felt a strong call to ministry.

It took another three years of what she called “Holy 2 x 4s” before she dared take the leap of faith to go back to school and pursue her Master of Divinity.

The challenges Ivy faced were not so much within the profession, as in the journey to get there. Her decision to follow her call led to the ending of her marriage and a difficult time of adjustment for her family.  It also took her into a time of personal discernment, as she searched to understand who she was as an independent person, no longer attached to her husband.

Shortly after her marriage ended she fell in love with another woman, a fellow student in Seminary. Both of their long-term relationships were ending or had recently ended and they found with each other, a deeply spiritual connection that has continued to grow over the last 19 years.

However, the denomination Ivy grew up in was not accepting of LGBTQ2+ people and so she had to make a decision, and it was an easy one. She turned to the United Church of Canada, which has, since 1988, ordained LGBTQ2+ people.  It was a natural fit not only because of her orientation but because of the social justice perspective to the gospel that is lived out in the denomination.

As an out lesbian clergy, Ivy has been warmly and respectfully welcomed by every member of her congregation. They are a welcoming community on a continual learning curve. They are willing to ask questions, hear explanations, and explore ongoing and expanding ways to be inclusive.

Ivy says, “It’s difficult to choose one favourite thing about ministry. There’s the opportunity to help people develop an awareness of the movement of the Spirit in their lives, and encourage them to open up to and welcome the fullness of the experience, finding meaningful and creative ways to remind people how much they are loved and how important it is to share that love through our everyday living.

“But perhaps the most important thing for me is inviting people to understand God in a way that is meaningful to them.  This often means letting go of the traditional perception of an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful, vengeful, white-bearded guy in the sky, and learning to read the Bible in a way that makes sense for us, today.”

Some advice from Ivy about deciding to enter Ministry:

Discernment, both personal and communal, is essential. Pray, think it through, and talk with others, including those in the field, about your sense of call.  Listen carefully to what people are saying, or perhaps not saying to you.

Never forget that there are many forms of ministry, some are clergy roles, some are not.  It’s hard to say which are the most important! Ministry is about teamwork.

Know too that the church is an organization filled with real people who are as far from perfect as you are. There are challenges to deal with and much patience required, but underneath it all, as in the rest of our lives, is a group of amazing, beautiful people trying to do the best they can with what they have at the moment.

The church Ivy currently serves is St. Paul’s United, a congregation within the United Church of Canada. They are currently leasing space from the Kelowna Seventh Day Adventist Church at 1130 Springfield Road in Kelowna.

St. Paul’s is a joy-filled congregation that believes in the respect and honouring of all people. No matter who you are, where your life has taken you in the past or where it may lead you in the future.